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Online Audio Sermon - Jonathan and David - True Spiritual Love, 1 Samuel ch.20 vv.41-42

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The following sermon is avaliable to download in an audio format:

PreacherRev. Maurice Roberts, Inverness
Sermon TitleJonathan and David - True Spiritual Love
Text1 Samuel ch.20 vv.41-42
Sermon ID563

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This WMA sermon is 1385 kB. The audio recording is approximately 35 minutes long. Depending on how you connect to the internet, typical download times are:

Internet Connection TypeTypical WMA Download Time
56k Dial-up Modem7 Minutes
64k ISDN4 Minutes
Broadband1 Minute

How do I play the audio sermons?

These audio sermons are in .wma (Windows Media Audio) format. There are many programs that can play these files. Most Microsoft windows computers come with such a program already installed. If you do not know if you have such a program try and play the file. If you have a program installed that will play the file it should play. If you do not have a program installed, then you can download one free from NOTE: Versions of Windows Media Player are available for Windows, Mac, and Solaris operating systems. Other programs can play .wma files on other operating systems.

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