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Sermon Outline - Christ the Conqueror, Psalm 45 vv.3-5

PreacherRev. Maurice Roberts, Inverness
Sermon TitleChrist the Conqueror
TextPsalm 45 vv.3-5
Sermon ID741

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Clearly here is a great man (ITEMS)

  1. Who? (David, etc?) But v.6: the God-Man (= CHRIST)
  2. Then who the Second Person (v.9,13f) = CHURCH
    i.e. "Invisible Church" = sum total of believers
  3. Climax? (v.14-15) - The marriage (Psalm's TITLE)
    i.e. Christ + Church to be married - but not till the war is over.
    ILLUSTRATION: Soldier - to be married after war
    SUM: Picture of Christ going to war (Explain)

    1. Proof it is Christ (i) Hebrews 1 (ii) Revelation 19:11-16 (iii) [the whole Psalm] a reference to Christ + His Church at war for a time with enemies -> marriage of both at last.
    2. Christ here is
      1. NOT a mere soldier/lieutenant/ general
      2. BUT Supreme Commander of Allied Forces. He rides at front of His troops/rides in majesty/is fully armed/ has enemies/ will conquer.
      3. Picture fortified by Revelation 19:11-16
    3. Why should Christ go to war? (Saviours, surely)
      • creation "very good" - no war then
      • but SIN entered (i) Satan (ii) Adam (Def.)
      • sin defies, disobeys, dishonours God; Christ commissioned to defeat it and all who practise it: "The Son of God was manifest -".
      DOCTRINE: Sin is against God/ opposed to God/ challenges His authority/ defiles universe (Trinity v 3 evils)
      ILLUSTRATION: Recent events in USA...Afghanistan. WWII - Hitler
      LESSON: You cannot "leave sin alone"
    4. Christ will conduct war till victorious:
      • SIN to be dealt with. ILLUSTRATION: for a month
      • sinners to be subdued
      • empires of evil crushed
      • Satan + Antichrist overthrown
      DOCTRINE: Christ will never rest till sin put out of universe.

    fully adequate (Illustration - tanks/atom/B52 bombers)

    1. These weapons not CARNAL but mighty to casting down of strongholds.
      As Ephesians 6 a picture, so is this.
      So 2 weapons: (i) the arrows (ii) the sword (see v.3/5)
      EXPLAIN: the means by which He overcomes all.
    2. The arrows - not in anger but in love.
      ILLUSTRATION: Cupid's arrows - to cause love:
      1. arrow of conviction - awaken men - "MY LIFE IS EMPTY"
      2. arrow of compunction - "WHAT MUST I DO"
      3. arrow of regeneration - Converted - John 3
      4. arrow of love - to reassure. Illustration: Kevin Kondo
      5. arrow of euthanasia - 'asleep in Jesus'
      6. .
      ILLUSTRATION: Saul of Tarsus - all seen in his life. (So also John Bunyan/John Newton)...
      APPLICATION: However much sinners fight against His convicting arrows, Christ will overthrow.
      Q. Are you resisting Christ? (Arrows of His love)
    3. His sword: Revelation 19:15 "out of his mouth -" a 'ROMPHAIA' (mighty/massive sword). This against the wicked to destroy them.
      1. Herod killing Christ's servants (Acts 12:2)
      2. Judas Iscariot - unpardonable sin.
      3. Julian the Apostate: "Turn...Galilean!"
      4. Adolph Hitler: 1945. 6 million Jews/55 million died.
        i.e. "All who do evil He will crush - sooner or later -
      5. Nations which lapse into rebellion and apostasy: [Jews/Germany + UK]
      6. Churches which sink into decay (Perga) - especially disobedience (Revelation 2:16 - 3)
        APPLICATION: Two types of weapons. Have you seen it?

    1. When did the war begin? Garden of Eden:
      As soon as sin entered: ref. to Christ as Mediator.
    2. In OT: Flood/Babel/Sodom - all the judgements of Christ. He protected His own: Adam/Exodus/overthrew Canaanite nations (Angel went before them)/Jews till He came in the flesh; e.g. Decree of CYRUS, etc.
      OBSERVE: OT/NT - only one church of Christ (See Hebrews 11 "they - perfect").
    3. In NT: He mounts His steed to go now to ALL the earth (JERUSALEM - JUDEA - SAMARIA) fall of Roman Empire:3,12/ Scotland by Roman Empire conquered/European lands.
      Modern period (18f) India/Africa/Asia - then state of China.
      ILLUSTRATION: No better explanation that 1620 America/then Australia, New Zealand/etc.
      OBSERVE: All nations must fall before Him - they have not all yet done so.
    4. [3 periods: Israel/Gentiles/Both.
      Every period is a widening and a strengthening of Christ's Kingdom in all the earth: ILLUSTRATION: "life - death".]
    5. The End:
      1. all elect gathered out/"sprinkled" (Isaiah).
      2. Christ to angel with Trumpet
      3. all things stopped/time no longer
      4. the Last Judgement
      APPLICATION: Have you prepared for it?


  1. The sad state of those who are not in Christ's army. Our need to bow to Him NOW - to enrol in His Church Militant before He come. (His death for sinners).
  2. The happy and blessed state of all who are believers and serve Him now in His great and glorious Cause.
    When His hour of victory comes, the cry will go up: "The kingdoms of this world...".
    All believers will then be "more than conquerors - loved them"!

Q. Are you ready to meet this King when He comes again? Will you be with Him when the war is over and the Marriage Supper begins?


Christ is still riding on in majesty - but not forever. They hear the sound of battle; the next the victor's song!!

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